Akizuri Desi D'Jabula

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DKSCH(V) SEVCH LP1 Akizuri Desi D’Jabula
Date of birth: 22.04.2016
Reg.no. DK07494/2016

Correct scissor bite

Test result as a pup:
EOAD: Free

X-ray results as per 26.03.2018;
AD: 0
OCD: Clear

Test result from Laboklin 06.04.2021:
Degenerative Myelopathy(DM): N/N (free)
Hemophilia B (Factor IX Deficiency): female X(N)/X(N), male X(N)/Y (free)
Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy (JME): N/N (free)
B locus (liver(-nose)): N/N (free)
D-locus d1 (Dilute): N/N (free)
Coat length: L/L (only short hair)

Akizuri Desi D’Jabula